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Small Dishes

Edamame Sea Salt

boiled green soy beans with sea salt


Edamame Spicy Garlic

boiled green soy beans with sea salt



cucumber salad


Wakame Salad

seaweed salad


House Salad

spring mix salad with house miso salad dressing


Chicken Salad

grilled chicken with spring mix, house miso dressing


Seafood Salad

smoke scallop, salmon, calamari, cooked shrimp, seared tuna with mixed greens


Grilled Romaine Lettuce

fresh grilled romaine lettuce


Tempura Calamari

lightly battered whole calamari with tempura sauce


Vegetable Tempura 5-6pcs

assortment of lightly battered vegetable


Mix Tempura 5-6pcs

assortment of lightly battered vegetable, shrimp


Shrimp Tempura(small dishes)

all shrimp lightly battered


Age-Dashi Tofu

crispy fried tofu with tempura sauce


Gyoza Pork 6pcs

pot stickers pan fried or deep fried


Gyoza Chicken 6pcs

pot stickers pan fried or deep fried


BBQ Albacore 4-5pcs

chunks of BBQ tuna with house BBQ sauce


Spicy Albacore 4-5pcs

chunks of cooked tuna with fresh basil leaf in house spicy sauce


Teriyaki Chicken (small)


Katsu Chicken(small)


Sesame Chicken(small)


Pepper Fin 9-10 Slices

raw albacore tuna topped with thinly sliced jalapenos in house ponzu sauce


Hamachi Kama

grilled yellowtail collar with house ponzu sauce


Salmon Fiesta

crispy seared salmon with creamy avocado garlic sauce


Fish & Chips 4pcs

fresh fish & masago served on top of a crispy shiso leaf


Sashimi5-6 Slices

choice of raw Hamachi, salmon, or tuna


Seared Salmon Salad

seared crispy salmon (med rare) with garlic sauce & spring mix


Crispy Seared Tuna 8-9pcs

tuna seared (med rare) with ponko bread in house ponzu sauce


Honey Miso Rib4pcs

sweet & crispy ribs



Choice of Udon or Soba Noodle

Yaki Ramen Veggie

Stir fried


Yaki Ramen Beef

Stir fried


Yaki Udon with Veggie(stir fry)

Stir fried


Yaki Udon with Beef(stir fry)

Stir fried


Tempura(udon or soba noodle)

lightly battered vegetable, shrimp, miso broth with egg


Yasai (udon or soba noodle)

daily fresh vegetable in shoyu broth


Shoyu (udon or soba noodle)

BBQ pork, egg, daily fresh veggie in shoyu broth



USDA rib eye sliced beef, onion in shoyu broth


Beef Sukiyaki

choice of steak cooked with napa cabbage, tofu, mushroom, onion in angel noodle


Cafe House Special (udon or soba noodle)

egg, vegetable, chicken, 2 shrimp tempura in house spicy miso broth


Sesame Chicken(udon or soba noodle)

egg, tofu, daily fresh vegetable in sesame flavor miso broth, ponko bread chicken on side


Seafood (udon or soba noodle)

served w. egg, tofu, daily fresh veggie in sesame flavor miso soup, ponko bread chicken on side


Nabeyaki Udon

chicken & vegetable in house broth, mixed tempura on the side


Tan Tan Ramen

grounded pork, vegetable in spicy house soup broth


Ton-Kotsu Ramen

BBQ pork, egg, mushroom, vegetable, bamboo shoot in pork bone broth soup


Cold Noodle

Served w/ egg, sesame oil, sesame seeds, online, seaweed and sauce inside


Miso Soup

Miso Soup

Fresh Tofu w. Green Onion




Special Roll 8 10 Pieces

California Roll

crab meat stick, avocado


California #2 Roll

snow crab meat, avocado


Shrimp Tempura Roll

shrimp tempura with cucumber


Vegetarian Roll

tempura asparagus, sweet potato, avocado, sauce


Extreme Roll

fresh spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber


Land Park Roll

shrimp tempura, snow crab meat, avocado, masago, sauce


Spider Roll

tempura soft shell crab, cucumber, masago


Alhambra Roll

spicy crawfish, tempura scallion, seared salmon, sauce


Chef’s Special Roll

rice less, with daily fresh fish, cream cheese, onion, whole roll tempura, sauce


Creamy Maguro Roll

snow crab meat, cream cheese, avocado, fresh tuna, masago, sauce


Double Tuna Roll

fresh spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, fresh tuna, sauce


Five Alarm Roll

tempura jalapeno, spicy snow crab, avo, spicy tuna, sauce


Regular Rainbow Roll

3 kinds of sashimi, crab stick, cucumber, sauce


Freeport Roll

shrimp temp, snow crab meat, avo, BBQ eel, masago, sauce


Mvr Roll

spicy tuna, shrimp, cucumber, avo, lemon, fresh tuna, jalapeno


Pink Lady Roll

cream cheese, temp jalapeno, temp shrimp spicy tuna in soy wrap, whole roll temp


Spd Roll

shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avo, salmon, masago, sauce


U.S.A Roll

soft shell crab, avo, 3 kinds of sashimi, masago, sauce


Fire Starter Roll

spicy tuna, avo, tuna, masago, house spicy sauce


Sac State Roll

spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avo, unagi, masago, sauce


Hot Summer Roll

seared salmon, tempura jalapeno avo, spicy tuna, scallop, sauce


Crunchy Roll

snow crab, shrimp tempura, avocado, topped with tempura flakes, sauce


Paradise Roll

spicy tuna, snow crab, shrimp tempura, avocado, fresh fish, whole roll tempura with masago, sauce


Dream Roll

soft shell crab, crawfish salad, daikon sprout, avo, salmon, Hamachi, tuna, masago, sauce


Bryant’s Rainbow Roll

4 kinds of sashimi, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avo, chef special sauce


Big Roll 9-11pcs

tempura scallions, yam, shrimp tempura, avo, smoked salmon, eel, ebi, tuna


Sf Giant Roll

spider crab, snow crab, daikon sprout, avo, unagi, ebi tobiko, sauce


Maki 6 Pieces

Cucumber Roll


Avo-Kyu Roll

avocado, cucumber


Salmon Roll


Spicy Tuna Roll


Tuna Roll


Yellow Tail Roll


Sashimi & Nigiri Plate

Served with miso & rice

Sashimi Small Mix 10pcs


Sashimi Large Mix 13-15pcs


Sashimi Xlarg Mix


Sashimi Small Tuna 10pcs


Sashimi Large Tuna 12pcs


Chef’s Choice Nigiri 7pcs


Chef’s Choice Nigiri 10pcs


Chef’s Choice Combo

5 nigiri 6-7pcs sashimi


Sushi Boat

Sushi Boat #1(48 Pcs)

6pcs nigiri, maki, cal, Freeport, & rainbow roll, 4pcs tempura & BBQ albacore, 5 pcs sashimi


Sushi Boat #2(56 Pcs), All Rolls

cal, super cal, rock n roll, shrimp tempura, land park, Freeport, paradise roll


Sushi Boat #3(65 Pcs)

9pcs nigiri, maki, cal, Freeport, rainbow roll, 5pcs tempura, 4pcs BBQ albacore, 8pcs sashimi


Sushi Boat #4(65 Pcs), All Rolls

Bryant’s rainbow, Freeport, cafe special, double tuna, hot summer, super cal, extreme, landpark, spicy garlic edamame


Sushi Boat #5(89 Pcs)

13pcs nigiri, maki, cal, Freeport, rainbow, paradise roll, 5pcs tempura, 4pcs BBQ albacore, 10pcs sashimi, spicy garlic edamame


Sushi Nigiri

ask about our daily special fish!

Albacore Sushi Nigiri


Albacore Toro Sushi Nigiri


Ebi Sushi Nigiri

Cooked Shrimp


Fresh Hokkaido Scallop Sushi Nigiri


Hamachi Sushi Nigiri

Yellow Tail


Inari Sushi Nigiri

Sweet Tofu


Maguro Tuna Sushi Nigiri


Masago Sushi Nigiri

Smelt Roe


Sake Sushi Nigiri



Smoked Salmon Sushi Nigiri


Tako Sushi Nigiri



Tamago Sushi Nigiri

Cooked Egg


Unagi Sushi Nigiri



Dinner Entrée

Served with one (1) side dish: steam rice or sweet potatoes ($1)

Vegetable Tempura(dinner)

lightly battered daily fresh vegetable


Mixed Tempura(dinner)

lightly battered daily fresh vegetable, shrimp


Shrimp Tempura 7pcs

lightly battered shrimp


Seafood Tempura

lightly battered seafood, vegetables


Chicken Teriyaki(dinner)

grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce


Sesame Chicken(dinner)

lightly battered chicken with sesame flavor sauce


Chicken Katsu(dinner)

lightly battered chicken with katsu sauce


Pork Katsu(dinner)

lightly battered pork with katsu sauce


Salmon Teriyaki 10oz(dinner)

grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce or shioyaki


Miso Black Cod 8oz(dinner)

grilled black cod with miso flavor


Saba Shoyaki

grilled lightly salt mackerel with daikon, sliced lemon


Teriyaki New York Steak 10oz

grilled prime meat corn fed from Nebraska New York cut with teriyaki sauce


Teppan-Yaki Rib Eye 12oz

prime meat corn fed from Nebraska rib eye cooked with mushroom, onion in hot plate


Black Pepper Pork Chop 10oz Center-Cut

grilled center- cutted pork loin with black pepper & onions


Don Buri

traditional rice bowl

Keiniku Don

lightly battered chicken, cooked with egg, onion, mushroom, onion in katsu sauce


Oyako Don

grilled chicken cooked with egg, onion, vegetables in katsu sauce


Curry Chicken (don buri )

served with potato, chicken, seasonal vegetable, in freshly homemade curry


Gyuniku Don

served with choice beef, onion, sauce


Ten Don

served with egg, lightly battered shrimp & seasonal fresh vegetable


Katsu Don

lightly battered pork, cooked with egg, onion, mushroom, onion in Katsu sauce



Dinner Bento Box

Box served with 2pc California roll, spring mix salad, rice, and choose 2 item from the following entrees,


Chirashi Don (Dinner)

chef’s choice of sashimi over sushi rice